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About Me


Hello, I'm marly, the adorable dog behind this website. Woof! I love playing fetch and going for long walks. Join me on my dog blog posts below!

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My First Blog Post

Some friends on Discord were dogin' at me about my 301 redirect, so I woofed and decided to make this webpage. This doggy website is still under construction, so please wag your tail and bear with me as I dig up bones and make things better. Woof!

Another dog Post

Woof, dude! One of my pawsome hobbies is playin' with vintage computers. One of my all-time favorite computers is my 486 and XT. As I'm barkin' away on this website, I'll be throwin' in more pictures and information about my vintage computers. So wag your tail and keep your paws crossed, 'coz you gotta check back soon to updates!

Yet, another dog post

Now they’re doggin' me about my under-construction website lackin' a favicon. The favicon has been added, so when you’re catchin' up on all my dog posts, ya can look for the cute image of me in your favorites. Woof!